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Conference Venue


Where we are: Petračićeva Street 6, 10 000 ZAGREB


The Story behind HUB385

The 12th ICDHS conference will be held at HUB385, a center of knowledge, innovation and technological development with over 2,500 square meters, which makes it one of the biggest coworking spaces in Croatia.

In the three years since HUB385 has opened its doors, it has become the home of young developers, makers, creatives and entrepreneurs. Over 7,000 workshops, lecturers and conferences have taken place at HUB385, which further confirms its recognition in the public eye and that it is recognized as a place with a positive story.

The residents at HUB385 represent a big part of Croatian young entrepreneurial scene. Currently, there are over 40 companies that have found a home in HUB385, which make up for over 250 individuals.

HUB385 devotes a great deal of energy linking different companies, networking and creating the feeling of a community. For that reason, HUB385 is more than a coworking space for freelancers and other professionals from various backgrounds.


Getting to HUB385

HUB385 is situated at a walkable distance (less than 20 minute walk), circa 1.5 km from the University of Zagreb main facility, and circa 2 km from the city centre. If you wish to get to HUB385 via public transport, you should get on board the bus line 118 (Mažuranić Square - Voltino // Voltino - Mažuranić Square).

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